Fleet Foxes、アルバム『Shore』を本日9/22の22時31分にリリース、55分の映像も公開

この投稿をInstagramで見る Please join us tomorrow, from 13:31 universal coordinated time, at fleetfoxes.co and wherever you stream music, for the release of our new album “Shore” in its entirety, alongside the 55-minute Super-16mm film “Sh…

MicrosoftがBethesda Softworksの親会社ZeniMaxを買収

Today is a special day… We are THRILLED to welcome the talented teams and beloved game franchises of @Bethesda to Team Xbox! Read the full announce from @XboxP3: https://t.co/Jn0HcTJ9Mi pic.twitter.com/iQVutgT6zq — Xbox (@Xbox) 2020年9月21…